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About Us

JASMINE LAND HOME STAY stands on 1.15 acres of fertile land. In this land, there are many coconut trees, areca nut trees, cattle farm, rabbit farm, Naati Chicken poultry (local chicken breed). Also local grown vegetables like Malabar Spinach (Basale Soppu), lady’s finger (Bende), Drumsticks, Brinjal, Field Marrow, Bitter Guard, snake guard (Paduvala kai), Ash Guard, Bottle Guard, Sweet potato and very popular fruits like Alfonzo mangoes, Papaya, Guava, Sapota/ Noose berry (Chiku fruit), Gooseberry (Amla/Avala), Jackfruit etc, are grown.
There are 2 open sweet water wells for irrigation and cultivation as well as for 24 hrs clean sweet water supply.

About Jasmine Land

Shankarpura, a hamlet located 10km from Manipal comprising villages like Pangla, kurkal, Moodubettu, Innanje, and Shirva renowned for the cultivation of mallige flowers (jasmine), to the world. Shankarpura Mallige has been much sought after for its fragrance, which remains for a long time and enlivens the vicinity. For the past hundred years, the people of Shankarpura have been involved in this business. They work hard and take care of these plants like their children. Every household here depends on these flowers. Their main revenue, especially for women, is from it. It’s like a part-time job for them and farmers start plucking flowers from around 4 am till noon. After that, they’re free to do other work. Agents collect flowers from producers daily. The rate is fixed at 11 am every day by flower merchants. These flowers reach different places through bus and flight as per demand of customers.

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  1. Trekking/ walking/jogging up to Kunjarugiri.
  2. Live fishing at nearby Thambadi Gundi sweet water river in Kurkal.
  3. Plucking of jasmine Flowers at early morning as well as other local fruits and vegetables.
  4. Visiting nearby various farms and agro-based factories/ industries.
  5. Air-gun shooting in surrounding open fields.
  6. Bird watching and feeding.
  7. Coconut oil mill visit.
  8. Cashew factory visit.
  9. Indoor and outdoor games.

Unique features

  1. Homely fresh and clean environment.
  2. Full greenery at site, rooms are built in a local traditional type (tile cottages) .
  3. Eco-friendly Mangalore Tile Roofing.
  4. Fixed, famous, tasty Local food cuisine served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  5. Serving 3-types of home-made Wine during dining.
  6. Locally grown fresh vegetables used for cooking.
  7. For complete safety and monitoring, CCTVs are installed.
  8. Panchakarma massage facility available
  9. GYM facility available

Places to visit

Kaup beach - 8Kms

Malpe beach - 15kms

St Mary's Island - 15kms

Sri krishna matha - 9kms

St.Lawrence Shrine Minor Basilica - 32kms

Gomateshwara - 36kms

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